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New York Stretch Ceilings

this image shows nyc popcorn ceiling removal stretch ceilings in new york city

If you live in one of those apartments or homes that were built in the '80s, your rooms probably still have popcorn ceilings. If the house was built earlier, then the ceiling probably contains the toxic asbestos. Also, although back then these ceilings were very fashionable, they have now become outdated. Call (917) 793-567 to get professional help.

Stretch Ceilings Solution

Are you looking to change that potentially dangerous textured ceiling without dealing with the messy process of having it removed? We have a quick and easy solution for you. You can install a stretch ceiling.

These ceilings have now become very popular in New York. Many homeowners and interior d├ęcor enthusiasts appreciate their versatility. Also, their installation is easy and you will love the outcome.

What Are Stretch Ceilings?

They are a stretched material (PVC or fabric) that is tucked to a perimeter track creating a flawless ceiling.

Advantage of Installing Stretch Ceiling

Still unsure whether you want to install a stretch ceiling? Here a few pros of installing this kind of a ceiling.

  • The is no mess created during the installation process
  • It is quicker to install as compared to other ceilings types
  • Easy and low maintenance
  • Fire resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Allergy-free
  • Durable.
  • Comes in limitless designs, colors, and textures
  • Cheap
  • No painting needed

Installing A Stretch Ceiling

The stretch ceiling installation process is very straightforward. Below are the basic steps.

  • Purchase your stretch ceiling of choice.
  • Create a working space in your room. There is no need for moving furniture and wall hangings to other rooms.
  • Attach the needed aluminum tracks.
  • Set platforms for light fixtures and any other systems (such as cameras and fire alarms) to the original ceiling.
  • Heat the room. This increases the elasticity of your fabric or PVC ceiling.
  • Attach your stretch ceiling to the aluminum track starting with the corners.

Are you ready to get your stretch ceilings done? Dial (917) 793-567 and our professional contractors will be right there with you for free estimates.