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New York Asbestos Ceiling Removal

this picture shows nyc asbestos ceiling removal

Did you know that most stucco ceilings contain asbestos? And did you know that a ceiling with even a small percentage of asbestos is harmful? Thus, it is recommended that all asbestos ceilings should be removed.

Testing Your Ceiling For Asbestos

You can find out whether your textured ceiling contains asbestos by testing it at home. Or, you can hire an expert to test it for you.

Although buying a test kit and doing it yourself is cheaper, it is more time consuming and can expose your lungs to the harmful effects of asbestos. Getting a professional inspector to do the test for you is safer and less tiring. Dial (917) 793-567 to reach asbestos ceiling removal experts now.

What If Your Popcorn Ceiling Contains Asbestos?

All spray-on asbestos products were banned in 1978. It was after the realization that inhaling asbestos dust caused fatal lung diseases. This asbestos dust can be released at the slightest disturbance to the asbestos ceiling. Thus, for your safety, and that of your family, it is best that you avoid exposure to asbestos by all means.

The removal process is quite easy. You can even do it yourself. However, a lot of precautions are needed to ensure you do not expose yourself to the dangerous effects of the asbestos. You also need a lot of time and manpower to do it.

It is always better to let professionals remove the ceiling for you. We, Asbestos Removal Manhattan, are at your service.

How To Safely Remove Asbestos Ceiling

  • Remove all furniture and wall hangings from the room with the asbestos ceiling. Cover other unmovable items in the room with airtight plastic sheeting.
  • Switch off all air conditioning, heating, and ventilation units in the room. This is to prevent the spread of asbestos dust to other rooms.
  • Cover and seal all openings (fireplace, doors, and windows) with plastic sheeting.
  • Cover the floor and walls with protective sheets.
  • Advice all other people and pets to leave the room.
  • Wear a high-efficiency respiratory mask.
  • Wear disposable protective clothing.
  • Spray the ceiling with water to dampen it.
  • Carefully scrape off the damp ceiling material and put it in sealed plastic bags.
  • Mud any gouges and holes present.
  • Sand the uneven areas.
  • Repaint the ceiling or install another type of ceiling.
  • Haul all debris and dump them in a designated dumpsite.
  • Thoroughly clean the room.
  • Uncover the closed openings and now switch on the air conditioner, heating and ventilation systems.
  • Return furniture and other items back to your room.

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