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New York Apartment Popcorn Ceiling Removal

this image shows nyc popcorn removal apartment popcorn ceiling removal


Have you recently bought an apartment only to find that it has an acoustic ceiling? Or are you looking to increase your odds of selling your popcorn ceiling apartment? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we have a solution for you. Call (917) 793-567 to get free estimates.

Majority of apartments built in the late 1930s through the 1990s have acoustic ceilings. Not only were they trendy but they were used to hide imperfections and to conceal bad drywall and mudding jobs.

This was until the EPA discovered that asbestos that was used in textured ceilings caused lung diseases including lung cancer. Although not all popcorn ceilings contain asbestos, many people still don't want these ceilings in their apartment. That's why most homeowners are replacing these ceilings with modern finishes.

Does The Popcorn Ceiling In My Apartment Contain Asbestos?

You cannot tell if a ceiling contains asbestos by the use of your bare eyes. You will need a microscope and trained personnel to do so. Just obtain a sample of your ceiling and send it to a lab that specializes in identifying asbestos. The results will be mailed back to you in a week's time

Testing For Asbestos

Here is how to test for asbestos in your ceiling.

  • Wear a respiratory mask
  •  Put on plastic gloves to avoid contact with the sample
  •  Fill a spray bottle with a teaspoon of soap and 16 ounces of water
  •  Spray a small area to dampen the ceiling
  • Use a sharp knife to scrape off a sample of your ceiling.
  • Send your sample to a lab and wait for about a week for results.


Popcorn Ceiling Solution

Even if you decide to skip the test but you still want the cottage cheese ceiling removed, it is advisable that you let an expert do the job for you. Otherwise, removing the textured ceiling yourself may expose gouges and other flaws on the drywall leaving the room looking worse than before.


If you are looking to hire a drywall expert to remove popcorn ceiling apartments, then, New York Popcorn Ceiling Removal is your go-to service provider. Our offices are in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and all over New York.

We are dedicated to ensuring that we deliver top-notch on-time services targeted on your complete satisfaction.


Services We Offer

  • Acoustic ceiling removal
  •  Tape joints repair and filling of gouges or holes on the ceiling
  •  Cleanup and disposal of debris
  • Painting


For more information or popcorn ceiling removal cost estimate get in touch with us on (917) 793-5679.