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    van castro
    van castro
    Got an apartment in Brooklyn that still had popcorn ceilings and we just had them removed.
    Mary Hicks
    Mary Hicks
    I had a popcorn ceiling installed at my home in the early 2000's and then I had it removed by NYC Popcorn Ceiling Removal The process was easy, affordable, and the results were excellent.
    Anthony Ellis
    Anthony Ellis
    I honestly didn't mind our old popcorn ceilings, but my wife was getting more irritated with them every year. New york ain't a fan. I called them up for help removing them, and really, I don't know why I waited so long. Our home is up to date--at least the ceilings. Terrific work
    Becky Williams
    Becky Williams
    It seems like removing a popcorn ceiling is a job you can do yourself--and you can, except that it's easy to damage the material underneath. I called in NYC Popcorn Ceiling removal to make sure the job got done professionally. Glad I did.
    Cody Rongve
    Cody Rongve
    Toll tally use again
    Dorothy Simpson
    Dorothy Simpson
    Popcorn ceilings no more. We own a eight plex appartment building in Queens that still had popcorn ceilings in every unit. No more!
    Dwain Green
    Dwain Green
    The redid my entire home. Removed the ugly popcorn ceiling, checked for asbestos, and replaced it all with a nice smooth finish. I am very impressed with the finished look. Thank you!

    Popcorn Ceiling Removal and Other Ceiling Services

    We have depended on drywall to provide us with a reliable and aesthetically pleasing aspect of our building construction over many decades. Whether for your walls or ceilings, residential or commercial properties, the capability that sheetrock brings to your buildings in terms of strength and reliability has always been an important aspect of interior services. When looking for the best treatment in the New York City area, choosing NYC Popcorn Ceiling Removal will bring quality. Call (917) 793-5679 to get a free quote today!

    About Us

    We have been bringing the best in drywall repair, installation, and replacement services to the region since we first opened our doors. With the dedication to providing the widest range of drywall services, textured ceiling options, and a skilled drywall painter, you have the capability to treat properties both currently in construction and those looking for renewal. Whether you need treatment for drywall, stucco, plastering, molding or otherwise, making the call to our offices will provide you with the experience and expertise necessary for the best possible results.

    Our Services

    The range of services that we bring to the NYC area covers every aspect of the life of your drywall. From the initial inspection and measurement to installation, repair and replacement services, textured ceiling application and much more, you have the capability at hand to have an entire list of services carried out with one simple phone call. Whether our experts are working with other contractors currently at work in your property or providing sole services to give your space the facelift you’re looking for, you can always depend on our drywall contractors to provide you with the most reliable outcome.

    New York City Dry Wall Contractor - Asbestos Removal

    Service Areas

    Though we are locally owned and operated within New York City, we provide our services to every surrounding borough. Whether you’re in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, the Bronx or Staten Island, making the choice to reach out to our professionals will provide you with the same level of quality response and service options as we bring to our own backyard. We want to ensure that everybody in our surrounding region has the same access to quality services. Call us at (917) 793-5679

    Drywall Contractor

    Whether you’re looking for a drywall painter, drywall hanging, ceiling repair or otherwise, making the choice to reach out to our professionals will provide you with the full range of drywall contractor services. We have the capability to treat your property from the moment of installation all the way through to eventual repair and replacement needs. With high level of expertise behind our work, you can depend on the highest quality results.

    New York City Dry Wall Contractor - Asbestos Removal
    Asbestos Removal (Ceilings)

    Knowing the connection between asbestos and lung cancer, it’s imperative to get the right, experienced removal services delivered to your property if it’s come to your attention that there are asbestos fibers in place. Whether you’re looking for an initial inspection or are fully aware that removal needs to be carried out on your property, choosing to turn to the experience of New York City Drywall Contractor will provide you with a thorough and expedient service.

    Initially what got us into doing removal of ceilings, we dealt with much of the asbestos abatement in San Jose for homeowners. With hundreds down, we realized we were well prepared to take on the biggest market in New York. Call us at (917) 793-5679.

    One of the more popular things we do after removing a popcorn ceiling is getting in touch with a spray foam insulation company to do the insulation work prior to installing a new ceiling.

    Ceiling Installation & Replacement

    The ceiling within our property can be one of the most important aspects of any room, providing a stationary means of design and finish, having options available to you can be integral to your overall style. Whether you’re looking for a stucco ceiling, textured ceiling removal, crown molding, painted, swirled, stomped or stipple options, bringing in the professionals we provide will ensure that you have the widest range of design choices made available to you.

    Ceiling Installation & Replacement
    New York City Dry Wall Contractor - Services

    Drywall Repair Services

    There are number of different ways in which your drywall can fall into disrepair and having the access to the right drywall repair services can restore the look and feel of any room. From surface scratching to holes, water damage and more, we have the necessary tools and expertise to provide you with a result that not only returns your drywall to a state of quality aesthetic but also restores the durability and reliability of these surfaces.

    Cost Calculator

    Knowing the cost of a particular service before you make any decisions is vital to both residential and commercial treatments. Though it would be impossible to provide you with an accurate representation prior to understanding the depth of your required services, we do bring New York City and the surrounding areas a free estimate service that will allow you the capability to have an accurate figure placed upon your services so you can make your decision in confidence.

    New York City Dry Wall Contractor - About

    Contact Us For More Information

    Choosing to call into our offices for more information on the services we carry out, estimates or otherwise will provide you with the capability to speak directly with a knowledgeable drywall contractor immediately. Rather than redirecting your phone call through answering services or other means of obstruction, we instead focus on demonstrating the quality of customer service we use as a foundation for everything we do. Even if you’re simply looking for tips or guide on how to remove a textured ceiling, we invite you to pick up the phone and to call New York City Drywall Contractor for assistance. (917) 793-5679

    Drywall 7

    “After discovering asbestos fibers in my property, I reached out to New York City Drywall Contractor for a full popcorn ceiling removal. They needed to treat a number of rooms and got to work immediately, not only were they quick in their work but also extremely thorough.” – Bill D.

    Drywall 8

    “I was looking for a local drywall company to put up the walls of a room addition I was doing in the basement and came across New York City Drywall Contractor. They provided me with a free estimate, which worked with my budget and finish the project quickly.” – Trevor B.

    Drywall 9

    “I needed some repairs carried out to the stucco walls outside my home and made the call to New York City Drywall Contractor. Not only are they great with drywall, but the services they bring in this regard are up to the same standard of quality they’re known for.” – Wendy L.